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We provide safe scaffolding services in London and throughout London. Safety is always our top priority.


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Domestic Scaffolding

KB Scaffolding London is the perfect solution for house owners. Whether your projects will last weeks or months, we have limitless resources and we got you covered. We offer all kinds of scaffolding services, Access Scaffolding, Temporary Roof Systems and everything in between.


Commercial Scaffolding

While it is considered at the same risk level as Domestic Scaffolding, Commercial Scaffolding projects are potentially dangerous because are typically in dense urban areas. This is why these sites often require professional and experienced scaffolding contractors. We have been erecting hundreds of Commercial Scaffolding projects safely and risk-free for both employees and customers.

Small Enough to listen, Big Enough to Deliver

Experienced Scaffolding Contractors in London

Thanks to the twelve-year (12) experience, K. B. Scaffolding London is a valid point of reference for

the assembly and disassembly of scaffolding across London and surrounding areas for both domestic and commercial projects.

Our slogan “Where safety comes always first” is not a coincidence. Throughout our journey we have emphasized the importance of security systems to provide safe customer service.

Today, K. B. Scaffolding London, is on the market as a complete and competitive reality, able to satisfy the most demanding project.

We have trained our employees to be able to build more complex scaffolding systems. You can rest assured that the services provided by us are reliable and completely secure. We are able to provide complete technical assistance, covering all the phases and the planned interventions, from the design to the implementation.


Years Established

Completed Projects

Latest Projects

We’ve Been Building Scaffolds in London For Over 12 Years

As our portfolio continues to grow by the day, we strive to keep providing only the highest level of scaffolding services, which makes the most trusted scaffolding company in London. We, therefore, keep improving our process to ensure that we deliver a better service quality each time.

We are small enough to listen and big enough to deliver.

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0208 080 2750

We Offer a Wide Range of Scaffolding Services

More specifically, we provide scaffolding for all uses such as residential and commercial constructions – apartment buildings & houses – professional property renovations – department stores, large construction sites, industries, theaters, sports facilities, public buildings, hospitals, etc.

What distance do you cover?

We cover all London and surrounding areas. 

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

We have £10million Public Liability Insurance and £10million Employers Liability insurance and thankfully have never had to call on it.

How long can I have the scaffolding for?

You can have it as long as you need it. We will discuss all the details before we start the project.

Will I have to pay for you to remove the scaffolding?

No, our scaffolding rates include also the costs of the scaffold removal.

What happens if the scaffolding I require needs to be on the public highway?

We will apply on your behalf for a local authority street license.

Can you provide a quotation over the phone?

If during our phone call, we have enough information we will be happy to provide a free estimate with no obligation. However, each project is specific and before we provide scaffold hire prices, we prefer to do a site visit.

Client Testimonials

This company did two excellent jobs for me (one large challenging one and one small job). Friendly, flexible, fast and reliable.. Very happy with their work! Thanks

Richard T. B.

Extremely positive experience given my history with scaffolders, three young lads did the whole house in a day, couldn’t have been more friendly, approachable and flexible. Plus excellent scaffolding and minimal mess/damage. I have another project coming up and will use them again for sure.

Ben Prebble

Working with KB Scaffolding London has been a fantastic experience. They were punctual, highly organized and knew what it takes to get the job done and were able to deliver on time. I highly recommend!

Mark Beuerman

Contact Us

53A Parkfield Road Ickenham, London UB10 8LW

0208 080 2750

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