Scaffolding Companies in London – How to choose a good one!

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December 24, 2019

You need a professional scaffolding service?

Scaffolding Companies in London – How to choose a good one!

Finding scaffolding companies in London is considered easy. There are many companies listed offering scaffolding services, but choosing the right one, might turn out to be a challenge. There are some reasons why you should check different standards before you decide. Here are some of the items you should consider when you have to choose one.

  1. You should hire a professional
  2. Check The Website: Choosing A Scaffolding Company
  3. Scaffolding Company Experience
  4. Check The Contractors Past Projects
  5. Service Area
  6. Scaffolding Resources Available
  7. Insurances & Qualifications
  8. Construction Type For The Specific Scaffolding Project
  9. Security Measures Applied By The Scaffolding Contractor
  10. Training
  11. Testimonials & References

Now let’s take a closer look at each item:

You Should Hire a Professional Scaffolding Company

As in any other field, professionalism in scaffolding is the key to success. If you’re one of those who think it’s something you can do on your own, then think again. If you are not an experienced scaffolder, you may endanger your health and perhaps the health of others.

Apart from the fact that scaffolding can break down, if we are dealing with working in heights, then it becomes even more dangerous.

Setting up a scaffolding has specific techniques that need to be respected so that the scaffolds are stable, and there is no risk of damage to the surrounding area or the property.

There are scaffolding companies in London that can do this job safely and professionally. According to several studies, you should always go for a professional because 80% of them are credible.

Scaffolding Companies in London - Professional Service

Check The Website: Choosing among Scaffolding Companies in London

The website can tell a lot about a company. Just take a look at the composition as well as the content to tell if a company is reputable or not. The website can tell you about the services they offer, the guidelines they follow or the ranking they have in the scaffolding market.

You can test and check how easy it is to navigate and if their support is ready to provide answers to inquiries in real-time. We all live a very busy life, and having a fast service is crucial when it comes to a service provider we want to hire.

The lack of quick response can tell two things.

1. The company does not have sufficient staff to serve the client,


2. It’s busy at the moment and does not want the next job. In both cases, it would be good for the client to have its reserves.

Also, social media is an important indicator. By visiting the company profiles in the main social networks, you can understand how long the company has been in the market, the quality of work and the interactivity it has with its customers.

Scaffolding Company Experience

We all know the importance of experience, and in almost every field, that is a requirement. Naturally, we want to hire the most experienced people like a driver or a doctor. A scaffolding company is no exception.

There, given the not-so-sure nature of scaffolding; experience becomes even more important. For a basic project without complications, it may be easier to set up scaffolding, but certain factors can make the procedure more complex such as a non-uniform terrain or limited access.

Inexperience results in either lost time or money and both of these things are very important to everyone. It would be perfect if the company has at least five years of field experience and holds a rich portfolio of diverse scaffolding services. Experience is security and security is peace of mind for you.

Check The Past Projects

Almost all scaffolding companies in London have a separate section that holds photos of past projects. A picture means a thousand words, and it will definitely provide answers to whatever questions you may have about the company.

There you can get a taste of their work and find out if the company provides the necessary quality and safety. If there are big projects, that means they’ve been entrusted with important projects, which makes them authoritative in the labour market.

If there are projects similar to what you are looking for, this assures you that the company is eligible to deliver what you are looking. You can even ask the company for other tendon-like projects to get a clearer idea of the service they offer.

Service Area of the Scaffolding Company in London

Not all companies offer service in all areas of London. Some of them are completely local. You have to choose between two options, a company that operates locally near your project, or a large company that provides services in all areas without restrictions.

Each of the options has its pros and cons. A local company may be closer to the property, but a larger company means more experience and resources. It might not seem like a very important variable, but it will affect your project in one way or another.

Resources Available for the Project

Like any other services provider, scaffolding companies need sufficient resources to perform as expected. A lot of factors affect simultaneously both the time and the quality required.

Lack of resources is an important factor that can penalise the continuation of works and possibly result in the total suspension of the project.

Before deciding which company to hire, you need to get answers to these questions directly from the company. Are there sufficient workers during the project development period to complete the assigned work? Is there sufficient material to complete the project in a given time?

They may seem like rhetorical questions because any company offering this kind of service should have the necessary, but trust us, that’s not always the case.

Insurances & Qualifications

Accidents while putting up a scaffolding are not frequent, but they can occur if the company doesn’t follow the necessary provisions. If a property is damaged or someone will get injured during the scaffolding hire, who will cover the damage?

To secure the client in the UK is a legal requirement for the scaffolding company to have Public Liability Insurance. To test whether a company is reliable or not, you can ask for an insurance copy. Professional scaffolding companies should be able to provide copies of valid insurances.

Since scaffolding is considered a risky project, this means that qualifications are an important aspect of security, both for employees and property. Employees must be continuously qualified to provide quality and safe service. Good scaffolding companies should also be CISRS qualified, and CITB registered.

Scaffolding Companies in London - Qualifications

Construction Type For The Specific Scaffolding Project

Generally, it is assumed that every scaffolding construction is the same and that the same construction method will be used, no matter what the specifics are, but that’s not particularly true.

While some constructs are simple, others are quite complicated. Some companies have trained their staff to be flexible and adapt to all the challenges that arise when constructing different structures.

The dilemma of what kind of construction should be used can come up if you are doing new construction or reconstruction of a particular part of the property. To get a clearer idea of ​​what material and what mechanism to use, the best solution is to consult a reliable scaffolding company.

For example, if you require a service for domestic scaffolding, commercial scaffolding or temporary roof system, a qualified company can design and apply the necessary structure/system to fit your project.

Security Measures Applied By The Scaffolding Contractor

Safety always comes first; this should be the main mission when it comes to scaffolding. Not all structures are the same, and this means that different security measures should be applied.

The height at which the structure will be applied, the construction area, the complexity of the property, and the uneven terrain where it rises, are some of the factors that influence the security systems used.

Reliable scaffolding companies have sufficient experience to attach appropriate security measures to the project. It is important to do an ongoing examination of different supporting parts, like footings, toe boards, guardrails, cross braces and ladders. Different systems and structures are used in an appropriate terrain and a non-friendly one.

If the property has a complex form, it applies the same rule. An important aspect of safety measures is the specific area where the structure is built, if it is on a public highway, then you need a local authority street license, which authorises the company to erect the structure in an area frequented by people. The company must fill the application on your behalf.

Getting more information from the company about which system is safer for your project is never a waste of time. Security is never, a waste of time.


All scaffolding companies registered with the relevant UK authorities must train their employees in the use and erection of scaffolding.

Training is not only useful for operating in the market but also to become a safe option and credible for the clients, so they’re updated with the newest technological innovations and new building systems.

Training and application of new methods is the main factor not only for the safety but also for the better use of resources that result in minimisation of costs. A good scaffolding company should perform consistent training for its workforce.

Scaffolding Companies in London - Training

Online Reviews

Reviews should be made available by the company that provides the scaffolding service; however, it is not difficult to investigate personally.

Usually, the company lists reviews on the website, but to have a complete list of what former customers think of the company, you can visit directories like Google My Business or Bing Places for Business.

90% of the people think of reviews as a personal recommendation, and they’re not wrong. Learning from the experience of others is always convenient.

Scaffolding Companies in London - Reviews

Here at KB Scaffolding LTD we pride ourselves about the service quality we provide to our customers. Click below for a free estimate/advice from one of the most experienced scaffolding companies in London and beyond. 

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